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Q. It does not work ... What should I do?
Q. I can't get the download link. It fails all the time.
A. There are some known bugs in antiviruses
- in Eset ESS/NOD4 turn off the HTTP scanner in advanced settings
- in Kaspersky KIS add my program into trusted zone
- in AVG turn off the Webguard. I am not sure if that is enough. You can try to unistall it completely and then test if my program works.

If any upload process fails, right click the red line and report it. I will receive more informations about your problem and I will try to find out the solution.

Q. Where can I download it?
A. There are several mirrors in the download section on my homepage.

Q. Automatic update does not work. How can I update?
A. Download it from my homepage and replace the old EXE file.

Q. The upload speed is incredible (eg. 20MB/s), then it fails and I don't receive the link. How to solve this?
A. This is usually a problem with antivirus. Read the first answer.

Q. The upload speed is very slow! Why?
A. My program measures the speed in kB/s or MB/s (1B=8b). This means that the speed of 1000kB/s (1MB/s) equals to 8000kb/s (8Mb/s).
My program uploads at maximal speed all the time unless you set max speed (in menu) or you have been limited (exceeding limits).

Q. I can't upload or use my account on these servers: uploadjockey.com, youtube.com, ifile.it, turboshare.com, stahovanizasms.cz
A. These servers require additional DLLs. You can download it on my homepage in downloads section.

Q. I can't upload to my account. Why?
A. There are several possible reasons:
- you are not allowed to upload to your account as some features and functions are not available in the freeware/registered version
- check if you inserted your account data in setting correctly, the account color has to be GREEN and it has to be marked as ACTIVE
- there are some known issues that files may appear later (eg. megaupload.com)
- there is a bug on server
- there is a bug in my program ... right click and report any completed upload

Q. Is this program really freeware or do I have to pay for it?
A. Yes, this program is freeware for common users. You don't have to pay for it.
There are some limits in this version - you can upload up to 10GB daily.
If you like my program, you can donate and support development.
You will get a registered version as appreciation in return and there are some benefits for you.

Q. I can't upload more than 1 file simultaneously (at the same time). Why?
A. You can upload up to 10GB daily and up to 8 files at the same time in the freeware version. If you exceed this daily bandwidth, you can get limited and some functions might be restricted.

Q. I like this program. Can I do anything for you?
A. I am glad you like it. You can:
- put my banner on your site or anywhere you can
- you can translate my program
- donate to support development

If you have any other idea, just send me a mail.

Q. I have donated and I still haven't received the key.
A. You should receive the registration key max in 1 day to your e-mail.
Check your spambox regulary (GMail likes to move this message to spam).
If you still haven't received the key, please, send me an e-mail with some informations about the donation.

Q. What does this error mean? (in menu File -> Error LOG)
A. All errors should be easily understandable

Error # 10053/Software caused connection abort - server refused your connection (eg. if you upload too big file to rapidshare.com)
Error # 10054/Connection reset by peer - same as previous
Error # 10060/Connection timed out - server didn't respond in specified time (usually antivirus problem)
ReadTimeout:Read timed out - same as previous

Error # 10065/No route to host - connection problems
Error # 11001/Host not found - same as previous

HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden - server issue, you are not allowed to access some site
HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found - requested site not found
HTTP/1.1 413 Request Entity Too Large - firewall issue
HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error - server overloaded
HTTP/1.1 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable - server overloaded (eg. you can't upload too many files at the same time at uploading.com)

AP: Cannot read/write settings file - check if my program has write access in the folder where it stores settings, usually the same folder (avoid saving it to C: or to Program Files)
HTTPProtocolException: - unknown error (you can try to delete the ".nast" settings file)
EDecompressionError:ZLib Error - go to program settings (Misc), there is an option to solve this problem
IOHandlerPropInvalid:IOHandler value is not valid - you have to download additional DLLs from my homepage (download section)

Q. I have an idea! I have found a new server/hoster. I want you to add this function. What should I do?
A. Use "Bug & suggestion report" inside my app and send me all informations about your idea or use my forum to post it.

Q. I have any other question.
A. Just ask ;)
- you can use "Bug & suggestion report" inside my program
- you can use my forum to post any idea
- you can send me an e-mail


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